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Outdoor Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

November 03, 2016

Have you been dreaming of a magical outdoor wedding? Wind softly blowing as you approach the altar, the sound of the waves and birds as you recite your vows, and the sun shining around you for all of your San Juan wedding day pictures.


When it comes to beautiful ambiance for a wedding, nothing beats the loveliness of an outdoor setting. But what to style your bridesmaids in to elevate the experience? We know you’re working hard to help plan your san juan wedding, so we hope you’ll enjoy exploring these possibilities for what is sure to be a very important detail to showcase your wedding style.


1. Go with floral. From elegant chiffon flowers on the trim to delightful floral-printed fabric, floral fabrics will always blend into a beautiful outdoor wedding’s natural surroundings.


 2. Look to history. If you’ve always dreamed of beautiful belles as your bridesmaids, consider taking a historic approach. Plan an antebellum theme with cottons or silks that will breath well in the great outdoors.


3. Let your bridesmaids go wild with style. Select a particular color or palette of colors, then let your bridesmaids choose the styles they like from within those pre-selected colorways.


4. Try going with a classic. Classical Roman and Greek dress styles, with gentle, sweeping pleats and long, elegant lines have become very popular in the last few years. Look for semi-sheer surface fabrics to create a magical appearance.


5. Go for fantasy. A San Juan wedding is about joining two lives together and honoring that unique bond. If you’d rather step out from the norm in bridesmaid’s gowns, look at fanciful sleeves, handkerchief hemlines and laced-up details to set the mood.


6. Take it a cut above. If your bridesmaids tend to look good in very different dress cuts, ask them to stay with the same color and basic style, but allow your long, leggy friend to choose a gown with elegant lines while your more curvaceous pal rocks an amazing A-line dress.


7. Be casual. If you can’t find the right gown in formal wear, take a good look at what is available in more casual dresses. You may be able to find beautiful dresses that are easier on the pocketbook and can be reused by your bridesmaids in everyday life.


8. Create a rainbow. Similar to allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own style in the same colorway, this lets them to choose their color in the same gown. You may want to restrict the color selection to a particular shade, such as jewel tones, autumnal palettes or sprint floral tones.


bridesmaids laughing


9. Go soft and elegant. Outdoor settings require a gentler approach to fashion. Sheer fabrics, long lines and gentler color choices always blend well into your surroundings in an amazing natural setting.


10. Keep it simple. There’s a place for overly fussy and detailed gowns, and it’s typically not in the great outdoors. Your bridesmaids may need to deal with soft ground, so consider ballet flats, wedges or sexy sandals for shoes to match a gown of similar elegant simplicity.


With these Vanderful style suggestions, you can have your bridesmaids beautifully styled for a lovely outdoor San Juan wedding. Whether you’re staying close to home, planning a fabulous destination wedding or just want a memorable honeymoon, please contact us today to make all your wedding dreams a reality.

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