6 Wedding Traditions You Can Feel Free to Leave Behind

6 Wedding Traditions You Can Feel Free to Leave Behind

July 01, 2017

Weddings come with a long list of so-called requirements: a white dress, a bouquet, a cake. Many beautiful San Juan destination weddings embrace them all; however, those long-standing traditions don’t necessarily reflect the personality and preference of every bride.


Good news: you’re getting married in Puerto Rico, and you can do whatever you want. It’s your wedding, so you don’t have to feel bad about leaving any of these traditions out of it:


Wearing a White Dress


Over the last few years, pops of bold color have been showing up on white gowns. You could gently veer away from tradition with a pale pink or yellow dress, or choose a dress in your favorite color.


Cutting a Big Cake


Those enormous, elegant cakes are beautiful, but not everyone likes cake, anyway. What about having a small sweetheart cake for you and the groom to cut, and offering a variety of other desserts to your guests? Set up a dessert station to prepare cherries jubilee, cut slices of coconut cream pie, and scoop big bowls of chocolate ice cream.

Not Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding


Instead of waiting for the aisle, some couples are having a first look prior to the wedding. During the first look (which is often a photo opportunity, as well), you and the groom get to spend a private moment together before the big event. It can be a time to connect, share your thoughts, or give each other a wedding day gift.





Having Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


What about the bride’s guys? Groom’s gals? If you have a brother or a long-time friend who happens to be male, there’s no reason he can’t stand up for you on your side of the wedding party. And your groom’s good female friend or sister can stand up on his side. Choose the people who mean the most to you, male or female.


Having a Matching Wedding Party


Even if your Caribbean beach wedding is a bit formal, your wedding party can coordinate without matching. Perhaps all the dresses are the same color, different styles. This allows each person to dress in a way that’s comfortable and flattering, but still, carries out the vision for your wedding. Or maybe you’d like the suits and dresses to be the same, but each bouquet and boutonniere are different.




Champagne Toasting


Traditionally champagne is served as the glass your guests toast with, but what if you let your guests raise their own drink of choice? Give them the option to include their favorite cocktail on the RSVP card sent with your invitations, or leave the glass empty at their seat with a note saying to fill up at the open bar. Adding this touch of personalization allows your guests to make their toast to the bride and groom more meaningful, as they raise their favorite beverage in your honor.


No matter which traditions you embrace or leave behind at your wedding in Puerto Rico, you and your guests will have a fabulous time creating memories for you and your husband to cherish for a lifetime.

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