August 18, 2017

With your San Juan destination wedding booked, it’s time to focus on the details of your big day! A destination wedding offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate unique and creative elements. Sadly, wedding favors are often lost in the shuffle and end up being just ho-hum. But with a San Juan wedding, your guests are sure to leave with a beautiful and unique token of your big day. To get started, check out our list of the best wedding favor ideas.




Puerto Rican Coffee


The island is known for its incredible coffee. Pick up some personalized bags and fill them with the tantalizing smell of coffee beans. Your guests will appreciate the delicious brew and remember your wedding long after they’ve returned home. Personalized bags can be found almost anywhere online, but for a special touch, purchase your bags from a Puerto Rican artisan.


Puerto Rican Rum


Puerto Rico has been making rum for centuries! Your guests are unlikely to find a better spirit at home, so send them back with the best. Add a ‘thank you’ note to the mini bottles to remind wedding guests of your big day. Or, for a more luxe look, have a personalized label made. Some vendors will even create a batch especially for you and allow you to name your rum.


Hand-Rolled Cigars


Have your guests embrace a local tradition with handmade cigars. Although Cuba often overshadows Puerto Rico‘s cigar making, experts agree that cigars from Puerto Rico are some of the best in the world. Your guests will appreciate the exotic gift as an opportunity to try something new. Make it special with personalized labels representing your wedding.


Personalized Treats


Your wedding guests are traveling from near and far to attend your destination wedding. With all of that moving around, guests will appreciate a favor they can enjoy before they ever leave the island. San Juan is home to several amazing bakers who can create personalized chocolate bars, macaroons, and miniature cakes. Choose a treat that compliments your wedding cake or one that incorporates local flavors.


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Pre-Party Luggage Tags


A destination wedding is non-traditional, so make your wedding favors non-traditional as well! Turn the tables by sending your favors before guests even arrive in San Juan. Most guests will probably be flying to your ceremony, which makes a luggage tag a fun and practical favor for your jet-setting guests. Tags can be personalized with the couple’s names, the wedding date, and much more.

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