What Every Bride and Groom Should Know About Planning A Destination Wedding

What Every Bride and Groom Should Know About Planning A Destination Wedding

July 18, 2017

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time in a couple’s life. While the planning stages can get hectic, choosing the right type of wedding can make the entire process stress-free. Many couples are now opting for a destination wedding because of the chance for family and friends to share a little slice of blissful paradise with the newlyweds. Planning a destination wedding can actually be less stressful because of the experienced assistance provided by the hotel or venue staff. For the perfect wedding, couples are trending towards tropical getaways like San Juan, Puerto Rico. A San Juan wedding, especially at the luxurious Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, is sure to provide everyone with an experience of a lifetime.


Even with help from the award-winning hotel, planning a Condado Vanderbilt wedding is a task for both the bride and groom. It takes two to tango: the wedding planning process is a chance for the two of you to show the world who you are as a couple. Once she has said ‘yes’, here are a few ways you as a couple can get to the ‘I do’s’.  




Plan Jointly


You two are a team now. Rather than having the bride make all the decisions, most couples now plan their wedding together. Mixing taste and preference of the bride and groom ensures the wedding will truly be a celebration of the couple. Although working together to design the entire wedding can be challenging, planning a destination wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico simplifies the process. The Condado offers a variety of packages, venue locations and menu options for you to decide on as a couple, which will make for an especially memorable celebration.     




Divide and Conquer


Rather than have the couple work together on every aspect of the planning, some couples opt for the divide and conquer route. With wedding packages in San Juan that include assistance on every detail, it can be extremely easy for the bride and groom to select certain tasks he/she is responsible for. Most grooms typically take on planning the groomsmen attire, music, booze and food, while brides take on the bridal party fashions, decor, color scheme and floral arrangements.  


Details for the Groom


Grooms, remember that this day is about you too! It can be easy for the photographer to get caught up snapping shots of the bride and her party, but the groom should never be forgotten. Make sure to give the photographer a list of required shots, including pre-wedding photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready for the big day. Having disposable cameras strategically placed throughout the bride/groom suites, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception is a great way to guarantee exceptional photos. Just make sure to have one place for guests to put the cameras when they are done!

If you are planning or thinking about a destination wedding, contact us today to find out how the Condado Vanderbilt can make your dream wedding come true!   

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