What Your Guests Really Want at Your Destination Wedding

What Your Guests Really Want at Your Destination Wedding

June 13, 2017

You’ve probably dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl. Even though this is a special day that you’ve been waiting for all your life, it’s also important to take the time remember your guests – the people who traveled so far to make this day so special for you. Taking the time to think about what your guests really want at your Puerto Rico destination wedding will ensure everyone will have an unforgettable time. Here are just a few things that we’ve noticed that wedding guests truly want when attending a Puerto Rico wedding:




Open Bar

Not surprisingly, an open bar at your San Juan wedding will make all of your guests elated. This is also a chance for you to incorporate the local culture into your wedding theme. Offering authentic and unique cocktails for your guests will give them a chance to experience new and exciting drinks they may have never thought to try otherwise. Having a Pina Colada is an obvious choice, but chances are most of your guests have already tried these before. Simple, yet refreshing cocktails that might be new to your guests could include Whisky and Coconut Water, or Don Q Limon with cranberry juice – the lime-flavored rum and cranberry pairing creates an exceptional island cocktail.  




Midnight Snack

After a long night of dancing, socializing and enjoying all that our exquisite San Juan wedding venue has to offer, your guests will most likely be ready for a midnight snack at the end of the night. This is another great opportunity for you to be able to incorporate local Puerto Rican culture into your San Juan wedding. Offering local San Juan cuisine will give your guests a chance to try some authentic tasty treats. Monfongo, which are mini mountains of mashed, fried plantains stuffed with meat and spices, is a traditional Puerto Rican dish that is sure to wow your guests as a late-night snack. Another great midnight snack would be Pinchos, or Kabobs made with chicken marinated in adobo seasoning. These tasty classic treats are guaranteed to send your guest off feeling delighted and full after they’ve been dancing the night away.


Thank-You Gift Bag


It’s likely that your guests have traveled long and far to celebrate with you at your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding. The best way to thank them is to send them home with a little remembrance of your Puerto Rico wedding, and a token of your gratitude for traveling all this way. Gift bags can be as small as just a few sweet treats, or unique gifts to remind your guests of the island. Another way to acknowledge your guests’ support is sending them off with a bottle of local made rum. You can even get personalized labels made to give your guests a luxurious memory of your day.

These are just a few of the small unique gestures you can do to say thank you to your guests for traveling so far to your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding. Let us help you plan your perfect San Juan Wedding by contacting us today. We are sure to make your wedding a day to never forget.

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