Including Mom in Your Wedding

Including Mom in Your Wedding

November 14, 2016

While your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiancée, honoring your mother at your wedding will add that extra-special touch. We promise, both you and your mother will remember those unique moments forever.


In any traditional wedding, the father of the bride has many responsibilities: walking the bride down the aisle, giving the welcome speech and sharing the father-daughter dance. Although the father is ‘giving his daughter away’, the father-daughter dynamic isn’t the only parent-child relationship that should be recognized during your special day. The mother of the bride plays such an important role in their daughter’s life, so why not give your mother an extra moment or two to shine – beyond dress shopping and posing for photos. Here are a few ideas for incorporating your mother into your Puerto Rico wedding.


mother and daughter at Puerto Rico wedding


Wear Something of Hers

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. Every girl needs something borrowed for her Puerto Rico wedding! Going through your mother’s jewelry box with her to find something to wear on your special day or taking a swatch of her wedding dress and sewing it into yours is a special way to keep her close as you walk down the aisle.


Mother-Daughter Time

Tell your mom how much she means to you. Take time on your wedding day for just the two of you. Write your mother a special note to share with her during your time alone just before walking down the aisle to your dream Puerto Rico wedding.


Cultural Traditions

Here in San Juan, weddings are all about tradition! If you are having a traditional wedding, chances are that you will be incorporating your own heritage into the ceremony. Ask your mother her advice on these traditional touches that you can then put your own personal spin on. She will enjoy telling you how she, and generations before her, included these traditions in their weddings.


Plan a Special Tasting Trip

Take time out of your stressful planning to come to San Juan for a wine and food tasting for your Puerto Rico wedding. You will be able to spend some quality time at your beautiful wedding venue and enjoy the luxurious cuisine as you pick out your wedding menu together!


Flowers for Your Bouquet

If ‘something borrowed’ isn’t an option for you, try incorporating your mother into your bouquet. You can use her veil as a wrap or use her favorite flowers in your bouquet as you marry the love of your life.


With these memorable suggestions, your Puerto Rico wedding will hold a special place in your mother’s heart forever.


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