Personalize your Dream Wedding in Puerto Rico

Personalize your Dream Wedding

July 23, 2019

We all have a dream! It may be a dream home, a dream job, a dream vacation, or a dream wedding. When it comes to the latter, the wish to add a personal flare to your special event is very big among engaged couples who are planning their wedding in Puerto Rico.
Including customized touches to a memorable day is part of expressing yourself. Dare to skip the traditional and the expected and create a personalized affair where everyone can see your and your partner’s signature stamp in every single detail of your dream wedding at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel.




If you are known as a beach lover, having your wedding in a ballroom with no windows is definitely not your style. Have a picture-perfect beachfront ceremony and a spectacular reception with the most marvelous views of the Atlantic Ocean at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, where no matter the time of year, you will always have mesmerizing ocean views right in front of you.


A Condado Ocean View ceremony, a patio cocktail party, a terrace welcome reception, or a grand ballroom party are some of the numerous venue options available to personalize your wedding in Puerto Rico.


Décor and Extras


Your decoration can also have your special touch, like including your favorite flowers, colors, details of your story together, and even your pictures, or those of loved ones you want to remember, on the tables or flower arrangements.
You can even have a themed wedding according to shared interests like travelling, your careers, favorite movies, characters, and much more. Instead of the classic table numbers, every table could be a location you have travelled together, a favorite movie, or a favorite beach. For your guest book, the possibilities are endless, you can even ask your guests to make something personalized for you, like an instant picture book or an art canvas for your new home. 
Please your guests with unique favors that will always make them smile when remembering a great night, and your union, which they were a part of. Some ideas are personalized glasses, bottle openers, or even art pieces to keep forever. Edible favors are never a bad idea, custom cookies, artisanal chocolates, and even local coquito or rum mini bottles.


The options are endless when it comes to putting your seal on the most special day of your life.


Get wed your way! Embrace what you love about your partner and yourself and create an event that reflects what is most special to both of you. Our wedding experts can help you plan your one of a kind Condado Vanderbilt wedding in Puerto Rico. Contact us today!  



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