Best Places To Propose In Puerto Rico

Best Places To Propose In Puerto Rico

May 01, 2017

It’s all about the ocean and the beautiful blue skies on the lovely Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. This incredible natural scenery makes for a wonderfully romantic marriage proposal. Especially for couples dreaming of a Puerto Rico destination wedding, starting the journey to married life off right with a Puerto Rico proposal is the right way to go. Explore some of Puerto Rico’s most romantic spots to propose, as well as a few stories of proposals gone right!


A Unique Proposal at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
There are plenty of opportunities for a romantic proposal while staying at the luxurious Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. Try a sunset proposal along the ocean while walking the private beach at Condado Vanderbilt. Or, a candlelit evening cozied up in your hotel suite may be your style. Undeniably, a special dinner out at one of Condado Vanderbilt Hotel’s lovely restaurants is a surefire way to ask the big question in style.
Hear the story of one couple who came to Condado Vanderbilt to look into their options for a Puerto Rico destination wedding, and ending up sealing the deal right here in the hotel’s luxurious 1919 restaurant:
“I had a couple whom were here doing a site inspection of the hotel. The groom played “difficult” and did not commit to the space for the wedding. The next day during a romantic dinner at our Restaurant 1919, I showed up with a bottle of Champagne and the contract. This was not a proposal, but it was all the groom’s idea and it was very romantic. I was very happy to be part of such a great surprise.”

Classic Style in Old San Juan
El Morro and Old San Juan are so romantic, that we can hardly think of a better place to pop the question. With sprawling views of the ocean and the beautiful city below, a proposal at the El Morro castle makes for an unforgettable event. While being surrounded by the rich history of Puerto Rico, you’ll be marking the beginning of your own history together.
The cobblestone streets and colorful buildings of Old San Juan also have a romantic feel that make for a great proposal spot. Wait until dusk when the streets are less crowded and find a quiet spot where you can ask for your partner’s hand in marriage in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

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