Creative Marriage Destination Wedding

Creative Marriage Destination Wedding

April 17, 2017

Planning a unique destination wedding in Puerto Rico doesn’t mean that you have to shrug off all the traditions of a typical wedding. Some traditions are just worth keeping. The “something borrowed, something blue, something new” tradition can give you a chance to get creative with your San Juan destination wedding. Check out some of our ideas below for bringing this tradition to life in your Puerto Rico wedding.

Something Borrowed
Venturing to a beautiful island in the Caribbean for your destination wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to borrow something special: the vibrant Puerto Rican culture! You can bring the essence of the island into your Puerto Rico wedding by borrowing elements of the local music, food, and natural scenery.
The wide variety of genres that make up Puerto Rican music will give you plenty of options when choosing a band or DJ for your reception. Salsa music embodies the Latin culture of Puerto Rico, and is always a crowd favorite for dancing. You can find elements from Puerto Rican cuisine that will be a delight to borrow for your wedding menu. Bring island-inspired ingredients like plantains, cassava, papaya or fresh fish into your menu for a borrowed taste of Puerto Rico that your guests will love.

Something Blue
When having a San Juan destination wedding, the one stand-out feature that can easily be your something blue is the beautiful ocean. A beach wedding will certainly showcase the dazzling blue color of the Caribbean for you and your guests. For those planning a wedding location slightly away from the shore, you can still capture the elegance of the water by incorporating shades of blue into your wedding décor. Try table settings or centerpieces with light blue candles and white flowers to borrow the colors of the ocean waves.  

Something New
Without a doubt, having your destination wedding in Puerto Rico will be something new. Whether you’ve vacationed in Puerto Rico ten summers in a row or have never visited the island before, celebrating your special day in San Juan will be a new experience that you’ll never forget. Soaking up the newness of beautiful Puerto Rico while you embark on your new married life will make memories that last a lifetime.  

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