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February 27, 2020

Condado Vanderbilt Wedding Brunch

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Did someone say Wedding + Brunch?
These are a few of our favorite things


It’s no secret that the Weekend Brunch is one of the most popular trends that we have grown to love these past years in dining, and in event planning as well. More than a trend, it’s suddenly becoming a whole new culture, as part of our lifestyle.
New trends also pop-up on the wedding scene every year, and the wedding team at The Condado Vanderbilt is always on top of them. Couples are shying away from the traditional styles and going for more casual and fun-filled wedding weekends. From food trucks to comfort food midnight snacks, foodie couples and their guests have the time of their lives. Even shifting the menu, to include breakfast bites like waffles or omelettes for dinner, is a very popular trend.
A daytime celebration always stands out, there is a feeling of rebellion in the thought of day drinking. Also, everyone loves breakfast food! This is why for many couples, brunch is the answer. A Wedding Brunch is not the same as a Brunch Wedding, here we will explain the differences between the two, and the reasons why you should host your wedding brunch in Puerto Rico.


Brunch Wedding

There are several reasons why you would choose to have a Brunch Wedding instead of the more traditional late-afternoon or night sit-down dinner. It is usually a selection between daytime or nighttime weddings, but with all the Brunch hype, it has become a popular theme for weddings since it allows more flexibility on scheduling, saves more time, and is definitely less pressure on the couple.
Brunch Weddings are more about the guests, with a more fun and casual ambiance. A brunch wedding in Puerto Rico can stretch out as long as you want, leaving so many hours until sunset so the celebration can go on and on. You could opt for a two-guest party and start your honeymoon even earlier right here at The Condado Vanderbilt. Or, you can plan afternoon activities, a beach front after-party, or a weekend of wedding festivities filled with memories to last a lifetime.


Post-Wedding Brunch

Our favorite time of day, AKA, Brunch, can also be part of your festivities when having a nighttime wedding, with your post-wedding farewell brunch for the next day! The nerves now are a thing of the past, and you are ready to say goodbye to your wedding celebration with your loved ones. Your guests will feel very honored to be part of this memorable event and will cheerfully raise their Mimosa glasses and toast for the new couple. It would be nice to consider a post-wedding Brunch if:

  • Most of the guests are already staying at the hotel so you might as well make it a wedding weekend.

  • You have guests who travelled for your wedding and you want to thank them in a different and more personal way.

  • You just want a chance to re-live your day from your guest’s perspective, and let’s be honest, sometimes during your wedding, you don’t even get to talk to everyone.

Adding a post-wedding brunch to your grand celebration is not something to add to your planning stress, on the contrary. Delegate to a close family member or friend, trust your wedding consultants, keep it simple, and relax! 
With delightful and numerous options on our Breakfast and Brunch Menu, you can choose from continental, plated, or buffet breakfast. As well as a live breakfast station featuring omelet with assorted fillings or pancakes with a variety of toppings. Include one, or various beverage stations like fresh fruit smoothies, mimosas, and you can’t forget the Puerto Rican coffee.  

wedding brunch setting

Make it a Vacation for All!

Another popular trend for destination weddings is to organize tours for you and your guests before or after the wedding. This is a perfect way to introduce those that don’t know each other and will have a great weekend together as part of your wedding celebration, and also a nice perk for your guests who have travelled just to witness your big day.
The Condado Vanderbilt has many tour recommendations which are the perfect fit for these types of outings. Our Wedding Consultants and Hotel Concierge will be sure to help organize the best experience for your group:


  • Catamaran: This is one of the favorite tours with wedding groups, sail away to beautiful Icacos, on the East Coast and enjoy your day with loved ones and breathtaking views.

  • Bio-Bay Tour: Two-hour kayak tour in Fajardo to experience the glowing Bio-Bay.

  • Sailing in the Bay: Have a relax sail in the San Juan Bay with your group with this tour which includes local rum, beers, and wine.

  • Casa Bacardí: You can’t leave the rum capital of the world without a visit to the Bacardí Rum Distillery. Your group will learn about its tradition, and sample some of the best rum in the world.

Getting inspired and feel like a destination wedding with brunch included is the right fit for you and your partner? Imagine all of this on one of the one-of-a-kind venues at the Condado Vanderbilt. Get in touch with our wedding consultants and start planning today!

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